Friday, February 18, 2011

Rift: A wizard and a hole in the sky

By initial impressions rift is an amazing game and i doubt it will be a flop, infact i think that it will be quiet popular of a game. from present impression's the classes are getting there in the way of balance, but that's a long process, warcraft took nearly 4 years to start to truly balance classes.

Now to the good part, the wizards. Unlike warcraft, mage's aren't limited to a damage roll, infact mage's are able to become a supportive buff class and a healer class below you will find my view of each class;

The Elementalists are a pet class, they have a reliance on their summoned elemental to either tank or damage deal for them, this make's them a powerful opponent, though it is also their greatest weakness as with any pet class, loss of the pet is almost certain doom for the Elementalist during combat.

much alike, well every warlock in every game, the warlock of RIFT is a DOT class, though unlike warcraft it does not summon demons, the suffer the same strength (strong crippling debuffs) but have the same weakness (time is an essence to winning, if the enemy can hold you down your dead)

This is one of the more intriguing specs it's a legitimate healer, that heals via damage and via reflections. For those of you who came to wizardry from warcraft, in the days of DnD and several PC games based of the DnD series, wizard's where able to become healers. and following in DnD's tradition, healing wizard's are AWESOME!

Fire fire fire, now we couldn't have a magic game without it could we? pyromancers are much alike fire mages of the old, strong single target, noticeable but not amazing aoe, playing a pyromancer felt very similar to playing a fire mage in wow so not too much need to comment here :P

Similar to DK's of old, summon the dead, siphon life from others, unlike warlocks they are death damage not shadow damage, they work similar to Spriest's if i say so myself, with  a more permanent shadow fiend. tend's to be our preferred leveling spec.

Shaman's anyone? Lightning and water magic, save for the 0 lvl ability shock i found this tree rather uninteresting.

more to come after i get a go at the rest of the classes :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

The fire in my heart

Fire mage's have always been know for their DPS, their mobility, their big crits, and most importantly their pyromaniac tendencies. I for one share these tendencies.

Even through my heart of ice a fire burns within pushing me to swap to fire that one BG just to see all the enemies running around alight, it's not a *problem* but more than once I've lost at the end of the BG and blamed myself for going into that spec that just isn't made for pvp. Don't get me wrong it's got plenty going for it;

Molten Shields-no GCD on your shield is one thing, breaking it into a freeing speed increase, that's a top talent right there
Fire starter- in pvp mobility is key, and you can't beat this when it comes to mobile damage
Molten Fury- target's on the brink of death? of course you want them to burn that bit faster!
Cauterize- 4 seconds of extra life at the least? yes please! all it takes is 1sec o na scorch + pyro and i could of won.
Dragon's Breath- this ability is underestimated, though direct damage breaks it, you can lay down all your dots + drop a combustion + this = one hellofa burn
Combustion-ever hear the term "double the burn" well this is it, with a burst on the top.

Fire has a simple opener as well, mage armor on for Regen+resistances, scorch spam + fire blast's, blast wave to slow, if they get to close you have frost move, dragon's breath, poly morph, mana shield, mage ward.. so much at the disposal to stop them. get a hot streak? pop it + your dot's, combustion + dragons breath,w atch then run in terror as they burn to the ground. simple yes?

For anyone wishing to give it a shot here's My spec :)


P.S. the rift post is still coming just have to get into the next beta nd do a lil mroe on it :P

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Firing it up in the valley

Took the guild out to alterac this weekend, took about wo hours to get everyone organised... but what ensued was mass terror, atleast for the horde, watched as we did the 6min blitz around 12 times, capped on honor in one night :) was a good day to be a wizard.

comign soon a lil right up on my play in rift :P

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello my accolytes!

Hello everyone! My name is Mikuru and I'm a wizard, well mage to some. I've long trained my self in the art's of arcane, fire and frost. Andd this is going to be my premier pvp blog on my conquest of the World of Warcraft!

Playing a wizard is by far one of my favorite roles to play in a game, I raid in Fire, and i PvP in frost, typical i know, but it's how i like to roll, arcane isn't a great spec IMHO. Starting tomorrow I'll have my first proper post up :P