Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hello my accolytes!

Hello everyone! My name is Mikuru and I'm a wizard, well mage to some. I've long trained my self in the art's of arcane, fire and frost. Andd this is going to be my premier pvp blog on my conquest of the World of Warcraft!

Playing a wizard is by far one of my favorite roles to play in a game, I raid in Fire, and i PvP in frost, typical i know, but it's how i like to roll, arcane isn't a great spec IMHO. Starting tomorrow I'll have my first proper post up :P



  1. Use to play a lock on WoW. loved it while i was doin it, but glad im out of it now!

  2. wow is great, ive played it a lot before. Luckily now im not addicted to it anymore. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  3. you're a great drawer, I seen you like anime too, do you draw that as well?